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Monash University Along With HP Opens A New Gateway To Megatrends

Digitalisation has extended its roots magically, but still, we can see many people rather students struggling with their careers. Good news for the entire student community, who are a part of the same effort.

Monash University along with HP alumni wanted to open a new spread to balance digital disruption along with megatrends of mobility, 3D printing and illuminate the prospects to enhance these developments.

It was on Monday,5th June 2017 that HP Alumni along with Monash University had an open invitation discussing the future megatrends in the Digital World at Palo Alto California. The end had people like  Monash alumni Dion Weisler, and the big Giants of the digital market foreground like  HP CEO, and Andrew Bolwell, HP Chief Disrupter, as well as Monash University's Associate Dean, IT Faculty, Campbell Wilson and Associate Vice-President Sunny Yang.

 The discussion was about the trends like blended reality, 3D printing, etc., which is nowadays ruling over the entire market scenario, which can be a commercial benefit as well as the benefit of implementing digitalization all around.

Monash University aimed to conclude how can they come up with better outcomes of the digital courses that they offer, in the form of placements and career prospects.

So, this can be the start of a new journey of Advent for the Monash University as well as digital brands in appreciation of the megatrends, which will soon rule the entire market.