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University highlights

North Essex College (NECC) is proud of the quality of education and the services we provide to our students:

• More than 15,000 people who can study full-time or part-time.

• Teachers, who focus their education, experience, and class effort.

• The skills needed to complete your training in order to successfully pass the bachelor's degree program or become part of a highly skilled, industrial and professional workforce, which is known for New England.
• Students on the Haverhill Campus.

• You can study in Northern Essex at an extremely low price. The average full-time student living in Massachusetts spends approximately $ 1,800 per semester on tuition and fees, with the exception of insurance. Distance learning is relatively inexpensive. A number of sources of financial assistance for students who have the right to participate, and we help you find a way to provide Northern Essex.

• NECC is a two-year college public body that provides a full degree program of studies leading to the Associate of Arts, Science Associate, and Program Completion Certificates.

Our Student Body – A Complex Group:

• Young graduates of the NECC.

• Young graduates.

• Many people come here just after high school, often the best 25% of his class.

• Others bring to their studies experience of varied life and work.

• The average age varies from 25 days to about 31 hours.

• Some of them take the traditional program to college, intending to transfer them to an institution four years after graduation.

• Some of them are enrolled in special programs or certificate programs that lead to immediate work in specialized career areas.

• Some of them do refresher courses to update their academic training, completing a thesis.

• Others organize individual courses, study alternatives before making a formal academic solution.

• Others are involved only in special courses.

• A large number of students are enrolled in nontraditional training programs such as English as a second language course, and specific skills training programs and high-tech areas are designed to meet learning needs Students or specific groups of employees.

• Excellent opportunities, strong academic support services, and dynamic student activity program are among the educational opportunities offered in the NECC. Flexible schedules and the ability to get a diploma or certificate at your own pace are the key words of NECC education.
• Our dedicated teaching faculty enthusiastically takes on the challenge of responding correctly to the different experiences of their students and at the same time guiding them and leading them to a wider understanding. Our teacher is deeply involved in the planning of each class and to the achievement of each student and is also dedicated to personal achievements. In addition to the study and training opportunities offered by the College for our students, our professor has the time and commitment to counsel and train students and provide support and encouragement.


Accommodation Details:

  • Education center defines the types of learning spaces that provide equal access to pupils with sufficiently documented violations, including students hearing deaf or in each case, in stages, per semester for one semester.
Offered Services
  •  Assistive technology (alternative teaching books, special software and other devices) and training
  • Changes in the classroom and environment (testing facilities, alternative format documents, seating and other) preferred
  •  Counseling on disability and counseling
  •  Faculty of Mediation
  •  Information and referral
  •  Assistants in the field of live paraprofessionals (help with books and housing).
  • Support groups
  •  Workshops
  • Presence Center offers training
  •  Equal access for documented students with disabilities and persons who are deaf or hard of hearing
  •  Contacts at both Haverhill and Lawrence Universities.
  • Services for students enrolled in non-credit and credit programs.


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