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Diploma In Business Management

  • Duration - 1 Years
  • Eligibility - IELTS : 6
  • Fee - INR 7.04 Lakhs

Diploma In Computing

  • Duration - 0.8 Years
  • Eligibility - IELTS : 6, TOEFL : 65
  • Fee - INR 7.64 Lakhs

National Diploma In Tourism (Management)

  • Duration - 0.8 Years
  • Eligibility - IELTS : 5
  • Fee - INR 7.64 Lakhs

University highlights

It is classified as a Category 1 Real Business College provided by the New Zealand Qualification Authority.
The graduation rate of 93%, which leads to the success of the current employment rate of 86%.
The university offers a series of courses which is one of the most comprehensive in New Zealand and constantly revised and updated to ensure its relevance in the place of the International Labor Day.


  •  The Royal College encourages business students to stay in the New Zealand family, where they can feel the life and culture of New Zealand, where they can practice their English every day. There are other options open to students, but they have not been evaluated by the Royal College to work in accordance with the requirements of the rules of practice for international students.
  • One-bedroom furnished apartment in the center of Christchurch is an average of $ 250 per week. (In Auckland it's worth $ 275). The cost of additional furnished apartments is $ 30- $ 40 per week. Moving to an apartment is connected with other costs in addition to rent, for example. Bonds (weekly rent x 2), fees (rental X 1), and electricity bonds (The US $ 200) charge for telephone service.
  • This is a more economical way of settling. For a room in a shared apartment worth $ 70-110 per week, plus expenses, including electricity, telephone, and food. Often charged for 1 or 2 weeks rents. Student Inn: The most famous inn is YMCA. Rent for long stay is $ 136-146 per week. There are other hostels with a basic room, which charge $ 60 (with four people room) to $ 100 (twin share) per week.


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