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In MEPL-Consulting Services Princeton Review at Reception (ACS) - an association of highly specialized and individual services planned for graduate studies abroad to optimize their chances of gaining access to the best universities/institutes. Applicants receive services adapted from the start "alone" (eg, the choice of the university) to complete (i.e., E. visa Consulting).

Information on advisory services at a glance
  • Each year, more than 2000 applicants subscribe to our premium consultancy service
  • Candidates are served by experts who are highly qualified specialists, some of whom study abroad
  • The service is based on full "purity of intent", for no reason, but to provide the applicant with an impartial and complete service
  • Individual and customized services provided for consulting and publishing applications
  • Centralized delivery of headquarters to ensure that each applicant provides consistent quality information
  • As part of the Publishing Department involved with candidates in each essay, necessary to complete the application for victory
  • Our quality control system ensures that each test published a quality control before it is handed to the applicant
  • The candidates are served by Suthradhaar - a highly sophisticated online system which allows the monitoring of the implementation of the applicants' demands in real time
  • Our record -applicator entry served by us, received applications from top-notch universities abroad.