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A leader among foreign education consultants in the country, Globedvise has helped turn the study abroad dreams of thousands of students into a beautiful reality. Their wide range of services caters to all the needs of study abroad aspirants and helps them overcome the hurdles that they face in the admission and application process for the reputed universities abroad. Globedvise has long been a trusted name for the students wishing to pursue higher education from the esteemed colleges and universities abroad for their prompt and practical solutions and a modern approach towards overseas education. The following are the services available at Globedvise, making it possible for students to find streamlined and straightforward solutions to their study abroad needs.

  • Pre-admission career counselling

Every student is assigned a personal education counsellor for the pre-admission counselling session at Globedvise. This stage is crucial for the study abroad aspirants as the expert counsellors assess and evaluate the academic profile of the student, advising them on the best-suited career path and future prospects. Through careful analysis of their academic profile and personal interests and areas of strength, the counsellors at Globedvise offer thorough and in-depth career counselling for the students, guiding them on taking some of the most critical decisions for their academic and professional future.

  • Selection of course, university and study abroad destination

The experts at Globedvise have years of experience and sound knowledge of the on-demand courses, needs of the industries and the best universities offering the choicest of study programs that bring promises of a prosperous future. By sharing this knowledge with the study abroad aspirants, the counsellors help them select the course most suited to their needs and preferences, as well as the universities that offer the best programs. The university short-listing is done on the basis of the availability of the desired study program, course duration, availability of scholarship and other funding opportunities, campus safety and ambience and many such factors. The candidates can then create a shortlist of the universities with the able guidance of the academic counsellors and finalise on a study abroad destination that fits their financial and educational requirements perfectly. 

  • Test preparation guidance

Globedvise has a team of academicians and educators having several years of teaching and specialised coaching experience who help the students to prepare for the necessary English language examinations, primarily IELTS as it is the most widely accepted language proficiency examination for study, work or immigration purposes in the countries abroad. The test preparation guidance service of Globedvise includes informing the students about the test pattern, grading system, average scores required for applications, and test dates. Additionally, the students can register for the tests through Globedvise and get study materials needed to prepare for the test. Along with personalised coaching classes, Globedvise also conducts regular mock tests for the students to take the tests well prepared in advance and score well.

  • Visa application services

The visa application services of Globedvise are especially renowned, as they have certified visa experts having thorough knowledge of the types and categories of visas, embassy contacts and the practical details of the various visa application procedures. The study abroad aspirants can avail the visa application services of Globedvise and put all their worries to rest. The efficient visa experts register the visa application, provide the students with a document checklist, and inform them on the visa application fee. On arranging the documents and the application fees, the students can then submit their application through the Globedvise portals. The visa experts conduct regular follow up sessions with the embassies, consulates and immigration offices for updates on the application status. Through Globedvise’s reliable mock interview sessions with the experts, the students can also face the visa interviews with immigration officials devoid of nervousness and can promptly answer the questions that ensure faster processing and approval of their visa applications.

  • Pre-departure assistance

The education counsellors at Globedvise conduct pre-departure briefing sessions with every student and inform them of the essential details about their study abroad destination such as the climate, currency, language, cuisine, customs, modes of conveyance, student visa benefits and discounts and useful lifestyle tips on living abroad. The students are also given a document and shopping checklist containing the documents and items that they must carry while travelling to study abroad.

  • Travel and logistics services

Globedvise manages the travel and logistics arrangements on behalf of the students through their online ticket booking services, guiding them on the ideal departure dates, student discounts on extra baggage and flight tickets and booking the air travel tickets for them. Aided by the streamlined logistics service of Globedvise, the students can set aside the travel hassles and take flight to the country of their choice for attending the desired course at the globally renowned higher education institutions abroad.