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Most Woodworth students trained on an ongoing basis and are taken directly to high school. Nevertheless, the unique Vudsuorta place among the University of Toronto colleges about a third of its part-time students and the College remains committed to meeting their needs. All students have access to courses and programs offered at the Faculty of Arts and Science.

In 2004, Vudvuortsky College proudly opened its home at 321 Bloor Street West. The building, designed by Alliance Architects, is an impressive glass structure at the corner of Bloor Street and St. George offers 371 students on a campus-style apartment. The residence is an interesting addition to the College for all its students.

In addition to the fact that it is home to college life, Vudsuort is the sponsor of a number of study programs, including three courses, the first course; Woodsworth one; Certification programs in the field of teaching English-speaking other languages and personnel management; Education in higher education. Summer programs abroad and the program for visiting students.

Vudsuort is also several major access programs. School Program Millie Bridge Rotman Shime School Relay Training Program provides students with adult students who are at least 20 years of age, and that for a while are away from formal education after the end of the program at the University of Toronto are theses. Diploma Program - Collaboration Vudsuorta / U of T and Seneca, Humber and George Brown College.
This program gives students the opportunity to start their studies at one of the colleges, and then complete them in the U of T, obtaining a liberal arts degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in four years.


The college was founded in 1974, and its initial role was to create the administrative building for students with a predominance of part-time work in the arts and science faculty. It was named in honor of J.S. Vudsuort, a social justice advocate, Member of Parliament and founder of the Commonwealth Co-operative Federation (CCF), the predecessor of the NDP.
His first physical home was a Victorian house on St. George Street, owned by Aleksandru Makarturu. With the growth of the number of his disciples the demand for more space. In 1992, the building was opened, award-winning, designed by architects KPMB Architects, who received indispensable classrooms, office space, and coffee, as well as a beautiful Peter F. Bronfman Palace.

In the fall of 2009, revealed a beautifully restored Kruger building (formerly Hall Common Drill Hall). Space provides students and graduates with educational, social and social space.


  • Woodsworth College Residence Hotel is ideally located at the corner of St. George and Bloor, within walking distance of many attractions, restaurants, and shopping and within walking distance of St. George subway station, which allows easy access to all Toronto attractions.
  • Residence Vudsuort College is only available to students who attend the summer session (May-August) - NO during the fall-winter session
  • Due to its unique location in the apartment residents share a fully equipped kitchen, sitting area, and 2 bathrooms 3-5 others but still have their own bedroom with a bed, desk, chair, lamps and many Cupboards and storage spaces.

  • Air conditioner
  •  High-speed Internet access
  •  Hours of security
  • Phone + local call
  •  Laundries
  •  Gym
  •  Rogers Cable TV
  • Training space
  • Conference room
  • Williams Lounge Waters
  •  Barbecue grill


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