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A unique residence for graduates

•Massey College is a graduate student residence but independent of the University of Toronto. The college offers more housing; It provides a unique and supportive intellectual environment for graduate students of exceptional ability in all disciplines to participate in a rich and challenging community.

•In addition to college-related students, who are known as junior scholars, the other members are top-level scientists and prominent members of society outstanding outside the academic world. The relationship between all members of the community to promote and encourage the College's various activities and programs, including high-table dinners, held every two years during the school year. The Chorus College sports teams, chapel services, and many social events contribute to our warm and vibrant community.

•College is a partner of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and House of Anansi Press in annual Massey conferences, as well as coordinating the annual Walter Gordon Symposium. Massey College is the birthplace of Canadian journalism researchers and, along with the Graduate Scholarship Support Program School.

•Building College, designed by renowned architect Ron Thom, was built in 1962 and is located in the center of the Toronto campus, close to public transportation. Five residences located around a central quadrilateral. Ondaatje Hall, superior library, private dining room and a common room can be booked for meals and special events, using excellent college feeding conditions. These rooms can be booked for meetings, receptions, conferences, religious services, and seminars.
Fellows junior rooms and a small number of suites available for rent during the summer months and offer a central place to stay while visiting


Accommodation Massey College

  • Non-residents are located in five houses overlooking the central square courtyard. Each resident gets a room with Jr. adjoining private room and shares a bathroom with one or two other people.
  • All rooms have simple furnishings, including desk, coffee table, shelf, chest of drawers, wardrobe and single bed. Linens are included and cleaning service available.
  • In every room, as well as in public places has a college.

Wi-Fi access

  • There are two televisions with cable access, one common room and Puffy Sofa, each with a DVD player.


  • Fees for Junior Fellows Fellows includes room and three meals a day (except Sundays, holidays and university days is closed) for the entire school year, with the beginning of the term in September until the end of April. Is available for reception by Junior A well equipped communal kitchen, when the kitchen is closed. All dishes offer a vegetarian option, but college can not accept special food preferences.
  • Breakfast and lunch are decorated in the cafeteria and dinner are served formally, and all members of the Order are required to carry a barbecue lunch.Massey College Accommodation


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