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University highlights

•Knox College was chartered to a degree by the Government of Ontario in 1858. Its importance in 1 Spadina Crescent 1875-1915, continues to be recalled by the historic plaque. The current building, located at the University of Toronto Center (adjacent to the meeting room), was consecrated in 1915. It's perpendicular Gothic style, modeled at the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, One of the best examples of this architecture in Canada.

•While all Knox Departments and the majority of students joined the United Church of Canada in 1925, the building received Knox Presbyterian Church in Canada. The College has continued to pay particular attention to preserving the distinctive features of Presbyterian heritage in an ecumenical theological environment.

•Since 1969, Knox has been a member of the Toronto School of Theology Institute (TST), a federation of seven colleges at the University of Toronto. Under the terms of the agreement with the University, a Master's degree in theology, a master's degree in theology and a doctorate in theology are awarded in collaboration with the University.
•Diploma Doctorate offered by the TST. Knox also registers students for the Masters and Doctorate degrees in theology with real degrees awarded by the University of St. Michael. Knox alone reserves the right to award the degree of Doctor of Theology (honoris causa). Knox College is a full-fledged member of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada.


  • You will have plenty of places to stay when you visit Knox. You can choose from a hotel chain or dive deeper into the Galasburga Midwest atmosphere, staying in a quaint Bed & Breakfast. Most of the options below are a short drive from the campus. If you have the opportunity, take the time to study the Galesburg community. To find your way, check out the map of restaurants, shops, attractions and accommodation facilities Galesburg.
  • Units of the room. Rooms can be booked quickly for major events on campus; We strongly recommend booking in advance. The blocks of rooms are reserved for selected schools for weekends, weekends and family weekends and friends. Call the local number to reserve a room in the "Knox College" box for one of these weekends.
  • Do you need transportation when you arrive in Galesburg? Please rent the Enterprise Rent-A-Car (located next to the Amtrak Depot) or call the American Taxi Customer Service / Taxi, by phone 309-341-6161 or 309-342-6161. You can also be interested in the public transport system of the city Galesburg.


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