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Welcome to Innis College at the University of Toronto!

Founded in 1964, Innis College is a small informal home for about 1950 students at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) at the University of Toronto (U of T). Students Innis College or Innisians represent a wide range of background and interests, but they can enjoy the familiarity and comfort of this small center in a great university. Innis is located in the northwest corner of the St. George campus, north of the Roberts Library, the University of Toronto's main research center.

Our space

Innis College is a red brick building that combines old and new styles, combining Victorian house adorned in a bright setting and opening a modern structure. In college, you can find,
Innis Town Hall - the room and a cinema in the style of the forum,
Innis library and computer lab,
Innis very popular Cafe,
The first university-based writing center, created in Canada, and
Living rooms for students, a roof patio, and the newly renovated Innis Green courtyard.

Opposite the hotel, the Innis Residence with high demand offers modern apartments in the lifestyle of Innis students every year. It is the first residence on campus, offering 4 and 5 bedroom apartments with en-suite, kitchens and lounges.




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