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University highlights

•The philosophy of the Algonquin organization is defined by its mission, vision, and fundamental values. The following is intended to serve as a point of inspiration, carefully formulating our goal.


•To turn hopes and dreams into a successful life.


•Is a personalized global leader based on digital pilot training?

Our values

•Taking Care, Honesty, Learning, Respect


  • At Algonquin College have 3 accommodation options: Home stay, accommodation in student residences and off campus accommodation. To make the most of their time at Algonquin College, select the live events that match your lifestyle, comfort level, and budget.
  • We recommend that you confirm your accommodation before arriving in Ottawa.

Living on campus

If you are attending courses on our campus in Ottawa (Woodroffe *), you can stay in a student residence on campus. You will have the opportunity to live with other students, just like you, and you will have all your public services, accommodation, and food. The Woodroffe campus is 1050 students in 525 one-bedroom suites. Residents must complete the person's profile to help them compare roommates with similar interests, features, and habits of hibernation.
  • Time Security and Controlled Access
  •  The common areas include a games room, laundry room, and TV room
  • Feeding patterns are mandatory for first-year residents
  •  Costs: $ 7210 + two thousand meal plans for the school year (8 months)


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