Entry requirements for this course:

Class 12th: No specific cutoff mentioned

 •Applicants must have passed high school

•Subjects required: Mathematics and English

SAT - SAT is accepted but exact exam score is not published by the college.

•A score of 530 or above in Math
•Evidence-Based Reading and Writing scores of 480 or above

IELTS: 6 out of 9

TOEFL: 61 out of 120


Step 1        Additional required documents

•Official transcripts
•English test
•Affidavit of support (must be original, signed, dated notarial document, valid 3 months after receipt)
•Bank statement (The US funds minimum of $ 22 600. Must be for 3 months of origin, valid after arrival)

Step 2        Start the online application

Step 3        The cost of participating in this course

•35 USD => Rs 2260.
•Method of payment: Credit card
•Wilmington University Payment Plan allows students to pay tuition fees on a monthly basis during the semester
•The fee for the use of compensation per semester is $ 20

Step 4        Deadline for registration

Fall (September 2016): 30 June 2016

Spring (January 2018): October 30, 2017

Summer (June 2018) 28 February 2018

1st-year tuition fees

Fees components Amount in 
US Dollar (USD)
Amount in
Indian Rupees (Rs.)
Tuition & fees 10,890 6,98,485

Other expenses in 1st year

Fees components Amount in
US Dollar (USD)
Amount in
Indian Rupees (Rs.)
Registration Fee 50 3,207
Total USD 50 Rs. 3,207
Calculated at the exchange rate of 1 USD = Rs 64.14
Tuition & expenses were last updated on 4th July 2017

Placement Information


•Students can pursue Co-Op in third and fourth year of studies
•Co-Op will cover 6 credits of the program
•CAP/ Co-Op Program option is available with the course

Student scholarships for this course

Scholarship description

•Offers various university as well as annual fund scholarships

Scholarship eligibility

Minimum 3.00-grade point average, Scholarship Essay required, Two letters of recommendation

Scholarship amount: USD 5000 => Rs 3.23 Lakhs /-

Scholarship deadline: March 31, 2015


Master of Science in Information Systems Technologies

  • Duration - 1.5 Years
  • Eligibility - IELTS
  • Fee - INR 6.15 Lakhs/Year

Master of Business Administration

  • Duration - 2 Years
  • Eligibility - IELTS,TOEFL
  • Fee - INR 6.15 Lakhs/Year

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