12 Class: No particular tranche referred

BA: No specific circumcision is not mentioned

Applicants must hold a bachelor's or its US equivalent
The University does not recognize a Bachelor of three years is comparable with the degree of Bachelor of America
The average grade point average, usually in the range 3.3 to 3.5
Work experience: no work experience mentioned
Candidates must have relevant work experience
Admissions Committee looks for the quality of the experience, not the number
Preparation of tender documents
MBA candidates must provide detailed information on at least two links, the third link is not necessary, and at least one of your letters of recommendation should be a professional context
Other applicants must submit three LOR at least two references from academic sources
EMBA Applicants- DOA One of the three must be supervisor

Applicants must submit two trials and answer the following questions:
Why do you want to earn a degree particular? Why do you want to get a degree from The Fisher College of Business? Since Fisher program to help you achieve your immediate career goals? maximum word count: 750
What is the most difficult situation you have had to deal with, and what you learned from this experience? maximum word count: 750
Test video (optional) - to share something interesting about ourselves that we would not otherwise learn from your application
General Information (optional) - feel free to please apply with respect to any information you want on your application, you have not applied elsewhere Maximum Word Count: 250 (MBA candidates )
EMBA candidates submit essays o why you want to enter the Fisher EMBA program and how you expect to assign the registration requirements of your responsibilities and schedule (1-2 pg) professional and personal
Submit your CV
additional documents
academic support
score GMAT / GRE
assessment of English language knowledge
Proof of financial support
EMBA candidates organization chart-
Proof of health insurance (once admitted)
Step 1      Prepare documents for the application

Send two letters of recommendation


Imagine two essays and answer the following questions:

Essay 1: Why do you want to get an MBA degree? Why do you want to get an MBA in the Fisher College of Business? As a Fisher MBA program will help you reach your immediate career goals? (Maximum words: 750)

Essay 2: Video Review. Share something interesting about yourself that we have not learned from your application. A link to a YouTube or Vimeo can be sent


Submit your CV

step 2      Necessary additional documents

Academic transcripts

Indicator GMAT / GRE

English language skills

Proof of financial support

Proof of health insurance (after acceptance)

More information Max. 250 words (optional). Please do not hesitate to report any information that you want to add to your application that you have not considered elsewhere.

step 3  Start your online application

Step 4  The fee for attending this course

70 USD => Rs 4.53 Thousand

Payment method Credit card

University allows students to pay study fees in three games per semester

1st-year tuition fees

Fees components Amount in 
US Dollar (USD)
Amount in
Indian Rupees (Rs.)
Tuition & fees 50,200 32,19,828

Other expenses in 1st year

Fees components Amount in
US Dollar (USD)
Amount in
Indian Rupees (Rs.)
Hostel & Meals 13,111 8,40,940
Miscellaneous / Personal 5,486 3,51,872
Insurance 2,754 1,76,642
Books and Supplies 1,234 79,149
Technology Fee 522 33,481
General Fee 368 23,604
Recreational Fee 246 15,778
Student Union Facility Fee 149 9,557
Fees 102 6,542
Total USD 23,972 Rs. 15,37,564
Calculated at the exchange rate of 1 USD = Rs 64.14
Tuition & expenses were last updated on 14th September 2016
  • ABB
  • ATKearney
  • Accenture
  • AT&T
  • Barclays Bank
Student scholarships for this course

Scholarship Description

Most approved international students qualify for funding on a merit basis. Each year the university chooses two incoming international students to work as an ambassador student for the MBA program. Ambassadors will work 10 hours a week in exchange for 50 percent for tuition and exemption from the fee and a monthly scholarship of $ 715 for the school year.

Gives permission

• Admission to the full-time MBA program
• Strong academic background
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to maintain a high level of integrity and confidentiality to support • Demonstrate effective time management skills
• Service-oriented mentality
• Conclusion of individual interviews with the reception director

Amount of the scholarship: USD 65240 => Rs 42.26 lakhs / -

Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene

  • Duration - 4 Years
  • Eligibility - IELTS,TOEFL
  • Fee - INR 17.66 Lakhs/Year

Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Duration - 2 Years
  • Eligibility - TOEFL
  • Fee - INR 20.53 Lakhs/Year

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