Class 12th: No specific cutoff mentioned
Bachelors: 3.20 GPA
•An undergraduate principles of accounting course is required
•Applicants with advanced degree can also apply

Preparation of tender documents
•Two letters of recommendation
additional documents
•Official high school (secondary school) achievement (transcripts, certificates,
and diplomas) with a certified English translation
•Proof of English proficiency test
•Personal statement of purpose
•The financial affidavit form
•Proof of health insurance
•Final transcripts of undergraduate
Step 1  Necessary additional documents

Official copies of the transcripts of high school diploma and a bachelor's degree

Official copies of the necessary tests GMAT / GRE

Detection of immunization-preventable and/or infectious diseases

Affidavit of support form and the official bank letter

The students must submit a formal evaluation of the entitlement certificates (earned credits)

step 2   Start your online application

step 3    The fee for attending this course
USA => 1,940. Rub 30 $ Thousand.

1st-year tuition fees

Fees components Amount in 
US Dollar (USD)
Amount in
Indian Rupees (Rs.)
Tuition & fees 16,251 10,42,339

Other expenses in 1st year

Fees components Amount in
US Dollar (USD)
Amount in
Indian Rupees (Rs.)
Comprehensive Fee 600 38,484
Total USD 600 Rs. 38,484
Calculated at the exchange rate of 1 USD = Rs 64.14
Tuition & expenses were last updated on 27th July 2017
Popular sectors
  • Financial Analyst
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Not-for-Profit Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Entrepreneur
•Mount Aloysius College-understands what college costs can be a financial problem for students and their families. In college, we support training at a competitive level.

•Mount Aloysius College provides financial support for more than ninety-four percent of our students.

•The average student support package is more than $ 10,000.

•Mount Aloysius College-awarded US $ 8 million annually in the form of grants/scholarships for institutions.

•At Mount Aloysius College has more than 70 scholarships.

•Many student mountain Aloysius receives federal training at the workplace.

Nursing (2+2 & RN-BSN)

  • Duration - 4 Years
  • Eligibility - IELTS,TOEFL
  • Fee - INR 15.00 Lakhs/Year

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

  • Duration - 4 Years
  • Eligibility - IELTS,TOEFL
  • Fee - INR 13.67 Lakhs/Year

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