Class 12 .: There is no limitation on duration

Candidates must have a higher education degree or international equivalent with a minimum cumulative GPA 2.35

If the value is 2.0 GPA, it requires a minimum aggregative indicator ACT SAT-20 or indicator 940

SAT is accepted, but the exact examination college will not be published.


IELTS: 5 out of 9
TOEFL: 61 out of 120 
No: Specific cut off
•English-18 and Math-19

Step 1     Necessary additional documents

  • Complete the affidavit of the financial support official bank letter
  • Evidence of compliance immunization
  • They were presented official transcripts and diplomas/certificates of all temporary schools
  • Official TOEFL or IELTS
  • Official ACT or SAT assessment
  • Send your official course-level credentials for all studies at a university or university, obtained from foreign institutions (if applicable)

step 2     Start your online application

step 3    The fee for attending this course

USA => 1,940. Rub 30 $ Thousand.

Method of Payment: Credit Card, Bank Transfer

The students are able to pay 50 percent of the costs of the training at the beginning of the semester, and the remaining amount for the semester

Processing fee of US $ 30 is charged

1st year tuition fees

Fees components Amount in 
US Dollar (USD)
Amount in
Indian Rupees (Rs.)
Tuition & fees 19,090 12,24,433

Other expenses in 1st year

Fees components Amount in
US Dollar (USD)
Amount in
Indian Rupees (Rs.)
Hostel & Meals 6,064 3,88,945
Books 1,200 76,968
International student fee 120 7,697
Foreign Fee 120 7,697
Orientation Fee 100 6,414
Total USD 7,604 Rs. 4,87,721
Calculated at the exchange rate of 1 USD = Rs 64.14
Tuition & expenses were last updated on 21st August 2017

Academic scholarships are awarded to qualified students who work full-time, competitively, which remain in good condition. In granting scholarships for the promotion of freshman selection colleges, the universities use standardized values for the test, high school and middle school classes as well as the completion of the course as a basis for the first consideration. For translators and advanced students in the classroom


The overall score is the most important foundation for the award. Secondary factors for the selection of awards are: overseas involvement in leadership positions and received awards/prizes.

Academic scholarships can be used for educational expenses and payment, vary from 100 to 3200 US dollars per semester. Students can apply for an academic fellowship through the Academic Fellowship McNeese found in the application package, or you can download the application. Priority application period for scholarships - 1 December for the next academic year.

Department of Academic Scholarships

Although the majority of academic scholarships can be awarded by the Bureau, some academic departments will also select or submit recommendations for scholarships. Some departmental scholarships may be available for beginners, but most of these awards are available to the older class of the student. Students who wish to study in the fields of engineering, accounting/finance and family and consumer protection may contact the fellowship department.

Master of Business Administration

  • Duration - 2 Years
  • Eligibility - GRE,IELTS,TOEFL,GMAT
  • Fee - INR 12.46 Lakhs/Year

Master of Engineering

  • Duration - 2 Years
  • Eligibility - IELTS,TOEFL
  • Fee - INR 12.26 Lakhs/Year

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