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Now Save Up To 80% Of Your Tuition Fees

Good news for all the students who feel anxious about getting a proper placement. What if I say that you can study and gain practical experience altogether, how?

Da Vinci College has come into an active collaboration with Talex SA. The collaboration is the great opportunity for the students to create a place for their academic career by gaining a sufficient working experience which increases their attractiveness.

Talex SA provides a huge spread for the students and business staffs by passing the business culture and ethics forward. Following a customized system for fulfilling the needs of the students, is one of the most important quotients that it has.

It has planned programs and internships which can reduce the tuition fees by 80%. Coming to the procedure, the student can take out a week from his or her semester and understand the particular need of the work. From the second semester, the students can join with the task or job, and earn up to 80% of the tuition fees depending upon the student's potentials.  There is no limitations on the number of seats. One can make 10-40% by his or her potentials, regularity and teamwork. The rest % is based entirely on overall performance.

If a student is not interested, in the company, Talex SA has the right to go the second semester and search out a work of their choice. This can be any other company of their choosing.

Only your achievements, dedication and potentials can lead to this benefit. All the best! Make the best use of the opportunity by the Talex SA to come up with the best form of annotation.