Indian Student Racist Attack In Poland

Indian Student Becomes Victim Of Racist Attack In Poland

An Indian student was beaten on a tram in Poland in obvious racist attacks. The Indian government said that it is aware of all aspects of this incident. The Minister for External Relations, Sushma Swaraj, asked the Indian ambassador in Poland, Ajay Bisaria, the report after the Indian, Amit Agnihotri, noted and the ministry in the media reports that the Indian student was beaten to death in Poznan, Poland. An Indian student is beaten in Poland alive. Tweet Sushma Swaraj confirmed that the Indian student survived the attacks and studies are being conducted on all aspects of this incident. The Indian ambassador answered. "A preliminary investigation shows a student attacking a tram in Poznan on Wednesday God's Glory, he survived. Get detailed information." Agnihotri then replied: "The racist is a similar problem in the United States, the man screamed and started to beat." "When my friend pushed from behind, He thought, I did it for pleasure. But it soon became clear that the attack was from abroad. The injured person was injured head and arm, the face was bleeding on a large scale, "said Agnihotri.