Category 12: did not mention specific parts
  • Applicants must have passed their upper secondary school or All India Certificate High School
  • Successful completion of the University study for a period of two years from a recognized institute, or the average year in four subjects (excluding original languages and non-academic subjects) of 75% in the general secondary examination or one High school diploma in all of India, with at least 60% in English.

IELTS – 6 Band out of 9
with no band lower than 5.5
Additional documents required:-
  • Send academic texts
  • Degree of English language proficiency
  • A certified copy of the birth certificate or passport
  • Any additional information on entry requirements (such as health advertising, referrals, security check, and conviction, and record learning) if possible.

1st-year tuition fees

Fees components

Amount in 
New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Amount in
Indian Rupees (Rs.)

Tuition & fees

NZD 19,950

Rs. 8,79,995

  • Business Analyst
  • Computer operator
  • Computer programmer
  • Development and management of database
  • Internet / Multimedia Development
  • Operating system networking engineer
  • Architect Software Solutions
  • Computing

Postgraduate Certificate in Information Technology

  • Duration - 0.5 Years
  • Eligibility - IELTS
  • Fee - INR 5.38 Lakhs/Year

Master of Management

  • Duration - 1.6 Years
  • Eligibility - IELTS
  • Fee - INR 15.07 Lakhs/Year

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