8 Years of counselling experience

3 offices in India and Abroad

2000+ Success

4+ countries

200+ Universities

98% Visa Success Rate

1 to 1 Personalized counselling

PROFESSIONAL INFO TECH -  A well-established player in the learning space without the introduction of IT with a growth in the formal education sector. It is located in Coimbatore and Chennai.


Professional Information  Tech - Educational Consulting Consular Company. Our core competencies include training, employment, healthcare, communications, shipping, logistics and supply chain management. We offer engineering design, both on-site and on continental shelf for all sectors, with particular emphasis on one-time development and contract services for healthcare MNC, BPO, KPO, telecom sectors.


Providing universal priority quality, ethical and organizational personality, technical information becomes a society for both technology-seeking concepts  or tools to improve themselves and their world. Professional Information Technology offers a wide range of courses, hosting and training.