1 to 1 Personalized counselling

Step 1: Evaluation based on your profile

Here we will review your resume and review your needs and problems and check you regarding your choice of items and other special requirements. We will review the process step by step and develop a schedule for you.

Step 2: Academic Consultation Session

During this session, we will review your academic background and build on your accomplishments and goals, and move to the universities that best fit your profile in terms of quality and cost of education. In fact, we will provide you with a list of 12 universities for pre-application. This list includes college profiles, department information, tuition fees, assistant accessibility, campus information, application deadlines, student locations, and more. We are also developing a feasibility study for universities. .

Step 3: University Consultation Session

During this session, we will help you narrow down the choice of universities on the basis of mutual consent. We will also provide you with a checklist to attend these 5-6 final colleges. The goal is to find the best for you so that your experience abroad is memorable and fruitful.

Step 4: Review the SOPs and the test

At this point we will test you how to formulate winning essays and statements of objectives (SOPs), LORs and executive summaries and interactive interactive workshops. We will provide you with tested questionnaires for your tests / SOPs. We will also tell you how to write a good letter of recommendation.

Step 5: All about the app

Here we will help you decide on the application form and the financial reporting requests for the last set of universities you are applying for.

Step 6: Advise on visa issues

At this point, we will review the recommendations for the financial documents, review them, and explain the intricacies of the visa interview and prepare with the same confidence.

Step 7: Life and time on campus

During this session, we will tell you everything you want to know about life on campus. From the way a typical classroom looks at housing, food, clothing, culture, student associations, sporting events, libraries, entertainment, and more, we'll detail the campus. So, there are no unpleasant surprises when you land there.

Visa Preparation

iGradGlobal guarantees that your studies abroad dream of becoming a reality, helping you cope with the need and do not require a visa process.

The VISA @ iGradGlobal consultation process:

How to compare and modify tolerances

Security I-20: Documentation and processes related to the online interactive group workshop, if necessary (aspects covered - documents required, who may be a sponsor, various forms of assets that will be used for I-20).

Financing Options (Guide to Banks or Loans via Gandhana, Indian Scholarship) - Gyandan recommends the best lending option based on your profile. It no longer works in multiple banks for applications. Help with loans up to 30 lakhs without collateral, competitive interest rates - 9.5% + Low commission - GyanDhan does not charge a commission. Sec 80E, interest rates are only 6.3%.

Visa application - a step-by-step guide to the process, including how to obtain a visa, help fill out the DS-160 form, etc.

Documentation Manual - visa, science and finance (complete list provided), Bank solvency models, AC request and confirmation of support (steps 3 and 4 will be explained in the group's general seminar).

Simulated visa interviews (after all documents are ready, and the date is confirmed by recommendations on visa experience and general myths about visas and frequently asked questions.

Pre-departure orientation for campus life and time, housing, vaccination, health insurance, etc. (Group session)