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Career advice

We are here to offer students a meaningful global exposure and a platform to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the field of education abroad. So here's an opportunity for students and working professionals, where they can learn all the details of their graduate studies. The priority of our career guidance in GREAT NATION NZ is to understand and study the career needs of students seeking higher education in New Zealand. Thus, providing professional help and helping students organize their thoughts and ideas on choosing a profession and professional goals. As a continuation of our ongoing efforts in this regard, we are organizing a "consultative session" on the basis of a "consultative session" to advise young and dynamic candidates to accelerate their careers. This would be very motivating and helpful for students and work staff who are interested in having different options for their graduate studies in New Zealand.

During our consultation session, students and staff can answer all their questions by industry experts, as the guide will be provided according to your financial, personal and academic needs. Therefore, in order to fulfill our mission, we would like to attract your support, realizing that you correctly understand the right students for the right course at the right time, the board and in all our future projects.


We provide excellent coaching service with a full range of amenities and a friendly atmosphere. Our well-trained and experienced faculties focus on the ongoing process of student improvement. The skills of the students are evaluated by the full weekly examinations and pay particular attention to the field in which they are absent. Students receive extra hours of instruction with the library establishment to maximize their results.

University Selection

Candidates are several times surprised by the many courses and institutions available for selection. GREAT NATION NZ directs you to the right choice that best suits your education, finances, ambitions and preferences. Our highly qualified research team leads you personally with information on all universities, criteria and processes. A detailed overview of your profile saves you time and money, as well as tips on choosing the right university and course.

We understand that different personalities flourish under different conditions. With academic intelligence, we also consider extracurricular activities, job prospects and the financial history.

We help you find the universities that best match your personal, academic and financial profiles / settings, not just the universities we represent.

Application Support

We pay special attention to your application, highlighting the areas required for a well-presented application. Our regular observation of universities leads to positive and rapid responses. We begin the management process with the first consultation, so that the student is well aware of the documents, exam dates, visa rules and rules and various requirements for financial documents. We also compare the student's work at different stages and help him to complete his process.

Visa Management

After the arrival of the letter-offer, the Institute confirmed that the student must apply for a student visa. GREAT NATION NZ asks the student to receive the necessary documentation for this procedure.