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26+ countries

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The expert counselor panel at ESC has global certifications from American International Recruitment Council (AIRC) and International Consultants for Education and Fairs (ICEF) and consists of internationally acclaimed legal advisors and experienced personnel. The top-notch services of ESC cater to the needs of the study abroad aspirants. They are committed to delivering prompt and smart solutions for solving any study abroad query or overseas education obstacle. Their impressive range of services includes the following.

  • Psychometric profile analysis and personalized career counseling

The ESC panel of experts takes utmost care of the individual differences in personality traits and areas of interest among each student. To understand the specific needs and requirements of the study abroad aspirant, ESC thus conducts a psychometric profile analysis for every study abroad aspirants seeking ESC services. This standardized and scientific test has different modules that evaluate and assess the verbal, numerical, spatial, closure, clerical, reasoning, mechanical and psychomotor abilities of the students in the cognition sphere.

The personality test includes a comprehensive assessment of the innate traits and skills, potential analysis as well as a thorough evaluation of the areas of interest of the study abroad aspirant. The personalised career counseling service of ESC is based on the psychometric analysis, and a team of leading education counselors guides the students towards the career path best suited for them.

  • Course and university selection guidance

By carefully analyzing the profile of each study abroad aspirant, ESC guides him or her in selecting the most suitable courses for having a bright academic future. ESC helps clear the confusion regarding the various study levels and types of courses available in the higher education institutions abroad and prepares a shortlist of courses for the students. While selecting the universities, essential factors like availability of courses, syllabus structure, student amenities, tuition fees, scholarship programs, student safety and campus ambiance are all taken into consideration. Helping the students pick the best universities for their desired courses, ESC guides them towards a promising future filled with lively academic sessions and a gratifying professional life in the future.

  • Admission recommendations and application assistance

ESC also assists the study abroad aspirants to fill in and submit the admission application forms following the specific guidelines set by the universities abroad. They also provide guidance regarding arranging the necessary admission documents in the specified order and format for the admission application procedure. Enhancing the chances of the student’s selection in the desired program of study, ESC also sends admission recommendations (consisting of a comprehensive student profile analysis) to the universities abroad.

  • Test preparation guidance

Helping students prepare well for the required entrance and English language test, ESC conducts special lessons for cracking IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, SAT, GRE, GMAT and the like. The study abroad aspirants can also avail the test preparation services of ESC through study materials and regular mock tests that help them ace the exams and earn the requisite scores for getting admission in the reputed colleges and universities abroad.

  • Financial and telecommunication services

The wide range of ESC services also includes a host of financial services. Under these services, ESC helps the study abroad aspirants with arranging student loans, applying for scholarship programs, setting up an international bank account and getting an international debit/ credit card, converting currency, managing international student insurance and getting student discount cards. Much foreign currency exchange and financial logistics management companies are in collaboration with ESC that enables them to offer the financial services to the students.

The telecommunications services of ESC include helping the students sign up for and avail international SIM cards, reliable network and data plans and cost-effective call plans through a lasting collaboration with the global telecommunication service provider named Matrix.

  • Student visa application assistance

Having internationally certified visa experts onboard, ESC provides timely and practical solutions to the student visa application hurdles that the study abroad aspirants face quite often. From the latest updates on the types, subclasses, and categories of student visas and study permits, the candidates get additional information and advice on the visa interview question patterns as well. ESC conducts regular mock interviews to prepare the students for facing any sort of question from the immigration officers during their visa interviews. Faster visa processing and approval are guaranteed by following the ESC guideline closely.

  • Lifestyle tips and guidance

Lastly, ESC counselors brief the students on the lifestyle, language, customs, cuisine, climate, cost of living, student benefits and safety measures of the countries abroad. Having extensive knowledge of living abroad, ESC counselors prepare the students for their new life through this acclimatization service. According to the glowing reviews and recommendations from past students, this lifestyle guidance service of ESC is unmatched. It has helped many a student ease into the life of an international student in a new country.