18 Years of counselling experience

3 offices in India

6+ countries

95% Visa Success Rate

1 to 1 Personalized counselling

  1. Transformation and the process of choosing a university

At this first step, we help you understand what we call SCIENCE to choose the best colleges and universities. By using facts, no evaluation, we can determine which schools will be best for you and, more importantly. Why are they suitable for you? We use academic data, our own databases developed and protected, to better understand your academic and financial qualifications and compare them with the best school.

  1. Application Documentation Guide

At this second stage, as soon as the university is chosen. EEC sends you to fill out the application forms, we also provide you with sample documents that need to be prepared. Your application record is what you are before the admissions committee, and remember that you do not have a second chance to make a first impression. So do it well, make professionals in the EEC.

  1. Edition of essays and SOP

Trials can be a very important part of the application when registering at higher universities. This is your chance to tell your version of the story, at EEC we understand the importance of testing, and we publish your essays and SOPs before sending them to the admissions committee of the university. We also give you samples.

  1. Sohrana and help

For good students receiving a reception, sometimes just not enough, they are eager to receive scholarships to make their dreams more accessible. At this stage, the UNECE will help you understand the financial assistance process, how to apply, how to negotiate offers and much more.

  1. Guide for subsequent application

Most students who do not use ECE services are upset when they apply themselves, are often inappropriate and, therefore, do not hear the universities, whether they are rejected or accepted. The ERC eliminates such complications and riddles, we can help you to communicate effectively with the university reception desks and help you to know the state of your request so that the process is as harmonious as possible.

  1. Visa and preparation for interviews

Once you have access to a decent university, we will guide you through the most important part of the whole process. visa application, preparation of documentation and intensive interview practice. It is not surprising that over 95% of all ECE applicants receive their visas.

  1. Orientation and preparation of a briefing

Finally, EEC helps students understand the culture of the host country, provides you with a list of take-away purchases, important information about housing and housing in your university, health and health insurance formalities , travel plans and much more.