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The enterprising team of experts at APSA works tirelessly to bring fruition to the dreams of the study abroad aspirants. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and a contemporary outlook towards the higher education sector help APSA guide the students effectively in overcoming all the hurdles they face regarding their study abroad program. Providing a wide range of services to all the students who come looking for assistance, APSA is a glowing beacon of hope for the study abroad aspirants of the future. The renowned foreign education consultants provide the following services for the students.

  • Career counselling and course selection

Carefully analysing each student's academic profile and areas of interest, APSA provides personalised career counselling sessions for the study abroad aspirants. They also help in the selection of the best courses for the student to receive a top-notch education in the universities abroad. The selection of the course is done purely on the basis of the career prospects of the students and keeps their interests and needs as first priority. APSA helps students choose the best course that they need to prosper in their academic and professional life.

  • Information on universities and test preparation guidance

APSA has a vast database of the updated and latest information on the higher education institutions all around the globe. Tapping into that extensive database, APSA guides the students in selecting the most suitable university for their desired course and level of study. Factors like economic background, career prospects, academic infrastructure, student services and safety are carefully considered during the university short-listing process. APSA also arranges regular mock tests for the necessary English language and entrance examinations (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc.) for studying abroad.

  • Admission and scholarship guidance

The application process for the international universities can prove to be a tough nut to crack for the study abroad aspirants. APSA deftly guides the students through the entire process and helps with composing the best SoPs and LoRs for increased chance of acceptance into their dream programs. APSA also provides scholarship guidance alongside admission assistance for meritorious students who need financial aid to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad.

  • Visa application help

The visa counsellors at APSA are experts on every detail regarding student visa applications for the different countries. Under their careful supervision, the study abroad aspirants can successfully complete the application procedure without any additional hassles and hope for faster processing and approval of their student visas.

  • Travel and accommodation arrangements

APSA also helps the students literally give wings to their dreams of studying abroad with assistance regarding flights and extra luggage concessions. They also arrange for accommodation for international students for their stay during their study abroad program.

  • Pre-departure tips

The experienced counsellors at APSA also provide insightful guidance on the customs, cultures, language, cuisine, climate and everyday life in the countries abroad. The lifestyle tips and pre-departure counselling helps the students learn more about the country in which they are about to start a new life as an international student. This acclimatisation guidance comes of great help for students to ease into their new life abroad.

  • Continued counselling services abroad

In case the students need any assistance (regarding course change, accommodation arrangements or any other issue) after settling down in the countries abroad for their overseas study program, APSA provides continued counselling services online and over the phone. This continued support from the APSA counsellors let the students feel like having the solace and support of a home away from home in the unknown countries abroad.